How to Buy a Firearm


Welcome to CDNN Sports, Inc.’s e-commerce website. We set out to provide our customers with a tool that would allow them to browse our ever changing inventory; discovering some of the best deals on firearms and firearm related accessories in the business. We hope the site makes shopping with CDNN Sports an even more enjoyable experience.

If you don't already have one, you'll need to set up an account with CDNN Sports online. After completing account setup you’ll have an account profile that will let you save and edit ship to/bill to addresses, opt in or out of our e-mail specials, review order history and select a preferred FFL transfer dealer.  NOTE: You can change your preferred FFL transfer dealer as often as you want in your account profile, however, once an order has been submitted/processed we are unable to change the chosen transfer dealer. 

Due to the volume of orders processed and the amount of work required to locate a specific order it is necessary to charge a 10% restocking/order change charge for any cancellations or changes made to an order after the "Place Order" button has been selected in the checkout process.  No Exceptions.

Important Note: Knowing and abiding to State and/or Local laws/restrictions prohibiting the possession/ownership of any item CDNN Sports, Inc. sells is the customer's responsibility.  Any merchandise credit required for not complying with the aforementioned is subject to a 10% re-stocking charge and any shipping charges incurred.

After deciding which firearm(s) you want to purchase you’ll need to choose an FFL Dealer that the firearm(s) will ship to in order to complete the 4473 transfer. Communication is an important part of the transfer process, before you process an order you should contact the selected dealer and review their specific transfer procedures. Please be aware that it is customary for a dealer to charge a fee for this service and that transaction is between you and the transfer dealer, you do not pay CDNN Sports the transfer fee. In some cases we have provided the fee a particular dealer charges for a transfer, please be aware that this charge is subject to change and it is your responsibility to verify the charge with the dealer of record. Following is a color key you can use to help determine the best transfer dealer for your firearm(s) transaction:

Dealer name is green - This is a Preferred Dealer with a current FFL on file at CDNN Sports; we have the required documents for your order to be processed and shipped. It is your responsibility to contact the dealer prior to processing an order and review their specific transfer procedures, confirm current transfer fee, hours of business, etc.

Dealer name is black - We have a current FFL on file but need the dealer’s authorization to ship your order. Please have the dealer e-mail authorization to or fax to (325) 695-4898, below you’ll find a link to our Dealer Transfer Authorization form.

Dealer name is red - We currently don’t have a valid copy of the dealer’s FFL on file. Please have the dealer e-mail a signed copy of their current FFL along with authorization to ship to or fax to (325) 695-4898, below you’ll find a link to our Dealer Transfer Authorization form.

Dealer Transfer Authorization Form 

Once the firearm(s) have been delivered to your selected FFL transfer dealer it is your responsibility to inspect the item(s) verifying you received the correct item(s) and that the condition is satisfactory prior to the transfer. Once the transfer is complete any defects or warranty matters will need to be addressed with the manufacturer as we are not a warranty repair station.

We tried to make it easy and as seamless as possible to buy firearms online from us. If you choose green or black you’ll be able to process your order on our website.  If your dealer of choice is red then we need to get some additional paperwork from the dealer before you can process your order online.  Please don’t forget that if for any reason you’d rather call your order in we have the most knowledgeable inside sales staff in the firearms business ready to assist you at (800) 588-9500.

We appreciate your business very much!